The Holt School


4th October 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Holt girls demonstrated their true community mindedness and generosity character virtues over the last week.  The sixth form student leadership team coordinated and led the Harvest events this year with the theme from Roots to Results.  Prefects from every tutor group across the school worked in their respective houses to create stimulating and informative displays.  Lacemakers won the competition with their Hurricane theme based on the devastation in the Virgin Islands and Barbados. Well done!


Thank you to everyone who donated food as you can see from the photo we managed to fill the stage with boxes of food.  We received some lovely handwritten cards from our appreciative elderly neighbours and it is not the food that they were most excited about but their chats with the year 11 girls when they popped round with the food. 

Harvest assemblies were held on Thursday morning, it was Mrs Pearce’s and my first ‘special’ assembly.  We decided to have one of us on the stage and the other on the ‘floor’ ushering the girls in and out of assembly.   I took the first assembly to Year 8 and 9 and Mrs Pearce did the other two assemblies – having spent the last 13 years on the floor – the view was good from the stage! It was a privilege for both of us to finish the assembly off with the Harvest prayer.  All the year groups were appreciative and encouraging audience and sang enthusiastically the harvest hymns ‘Autumn Days’ and ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’   The year 7 and 8 choir sang ‘How Far I go’ beautifully with Mr Gray accompanying on the piano.  Their harmonies were so tuneful and all without a conductor.  Lydia Shute sang ‘Jealous’ making us all feel quite emotional and Emily Ciccazzo and Daisy Kite read a moving Harvest poem.  The Charity prefects collected all the boxes and reminded girls of the suffering and hardship faced by the victims of the recent hurricane and earthquakes as well as those on low income in this country and to appreciate how good it is that we have food and live in a relatively stable climate.  They sixth form leadership team reminded us that we should be thankful for what we have – food, time, education and linked in the top tip that studying at a steady pace will ‘reap’ rewards.    Mr Adams, aka Farmer Adams, announced the house scores with the help of the sixth form house prefects who were dressed up as animals.  Mr Adams puns were sometimes lost on the students!



On Friday, Mrs Arter, Head of Food and Nutrition, organised the Macmillan cake sale.  Mrs Arter was overwhelmed with the number of cakes, many homemade, from year 7 and 8 students.  Her sixth formers were great role models and helped sell the cakes along with colleagues from the Technology department.  Thank you to everyone.  All the girls who were queuing up got a cake – phew!  £552.65 was raised.


It was a busy week with lots of happy girls enjoying the feeling of being generous, thinking of others and showing gratitude for what they have.  It was all very wholesome and bought together all the year groups.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Mrs Kennedy

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