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6th December 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

I have just been on the Year 11 trip to Westfield to eat and shop; our girls deserved to relax with friends after working so hard for their maths and English PPEs as well as preparing for their PPEs in January in all their other subjects.  They were a pleasure to take out and thanks to Mrs Holland for organising it.

I shared break time last week with some more short story winners; their stories range from death to dragons in laundrettes to burglars breaking into someone’s house!  On a more cheery note, Clothworkers ran a charity event ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – it was essentially a grand cake sale with staff wearing themed hats.  Clothworkers raised £178.14 for their charity Reverse Rett - thank you to Miss Herron for overseeing the event.  On Monday the A level psychologists attended a conference in Bristol, where they learnt about science in psychology, hypnosis and dance psychology.  Their enthusiasm will hopefully seep into their written work and boost grades.  The Year 12 and 13 economists presented behavioural economic assemblies based on the work of Thaler and Sunstein.  At school, some nudges included positioning bins by all the picnic benches and ‘keep to the left’ signs.


I dropped into some science lessons last week and as usual, they were inspirational.  Mrs Rooms was demonstrating how solids and liquids expand when they are heated.  The Year 7 girls were particularly fascinated when the liquid spurted out of the tube…they gasped in amazement – seriously.  The A level chemists seemed very keen to devise enthalpy changes of formation and combustion reactions and in Year 9 physics the girls were carrying out the classic ticker tape experiment to investigate motion. Threading the tape through the counter seemed the biggest challenge for some!


My bike ride to school, in very slow motion, has become particularly festive with all the Christmas house bling….there is even an inflatable Father Christmas scaling up a chimney!  To add to the spirit of Christmas, I think this heart-warming BBC Christmas advert tops all the Christmas ads. 

This two-minute clip tells the story of a Dad trying to make ends meet, whilst his daughter practices for the school talent show.  Dad doesn’t appear to be paying much attention but the girl shows determination, creativity and independence as she practises whilst accompanying her Dad shopping, at work or as he is cooking and ironing at home. After feeling ignored by Dad, she keeps on persevering and as she stands on the school stage she looks out for Dad in the audience.  Her wobbly lip starts ....she freezes…but it is all OK….Dad is at the back and starts to do the moves and she follows…he has been paying attention after all!!  The film reflects the realities of daily life…being a parent and a child…juggling competing demands all the time but it also reminds us to never lose sight of the love, care and attention we can give as parents.  I think Dad is the star of the show! 

Next week is very Christmassy with the PTA Christmas Fair on Monday from 2.30pm to 5.00pm.  Each form is running a stall and thank you to all parents who have sold raffle tickets, provided ingredients for making cakes and for encouraging daughters to be entrepreneurial. The Christmas Carol Concert at St Pauls Church is on Thursday 14 December and is arranged by our music department.  It is very festive and you are more than welcome to attend both of these events.  Christmas lunch will be served to Year 7, 8 and 9 on Tuesday and to Year 10, 11 and the sixth form on Wednesday next week.  This is always a jolly event and Mrs Pearce and I have been serving the turkey, veg, sausages and gravy for over 12 years!  We are going to carry on with this tradition. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Anne Kennedy

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