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7th March 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Yesterday I made the short ride from The Holt to Emmbrook for a meeting – the weather was certainly more spring like and it was good to see some crocuses survived the snow.  I hope you were able to enjoy the snow with your children – Joel Park was packed on Thursday with people of all ages sledging down the hill.

Last week Miss Roberts’ Year 10 English class were treated to an unusual revision lesson on An Inspector Calls.  The girls arrived with food from home (always a winner) and were asked to get into character whilst making notes on context, theme and Priestley's message.


Teacher recruitment is an all time low for new entrants to the profession – applications have fallen by 30% compared to last year.   As the timetable is planned for next year, we are engaged in the annual cycle of recruitment and selection. We have been fortunate enough over the last couple of weeks to recruit three teachers and a careers’ lead.   It is always good to welcome new members of staff to The Holt community.

Last Thursday, Year 6 students finally had confirmation of their secondary school place and we are very excited to welcome our new cohort in September.  Miss Herron, will be Head of Year 7 and she is looking forward to visiting all the primary schools after the KS2 SATS to meet the girls. 

Year 11, as always, have been working hard and this week sat their maths and English PPE papers. They are coping well and we appreciate the encouragement and support they receive from home, especially in the final weeks leading up to the actual GCSEs.

Last night we had a staff meeting where Mrs Pearce and I reminded staff of our values and vision as an introduction to the whole school improvement planning process, which is beginning now for the next year.  Our vision overarches the objectives we have set for departments and we made some postcards to remind staff of our vision and on the back listed the key priorities.


Finally, today we interview eight Year 12 students to make up the new senior prefect team of four or five students.  The girls have done well to be selected for the final interviews – teachers and peers nominated them and they wrote strong manifestos – which Mrs Pearce and I along with the sixth form team used to short list the candidates from 14 to 8 students.  To start the activities, the girls have to give a 90-second presentation to Year 7 on their manifesto.  Mrs Pearce will share the results with you in next week’s blog.  Next week we are also interviewing for sixth form House prefects. Good Luck to all of the girls. 

Anne Kennedy


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