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11th October 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

This week I have been reminded of the great capacity for leadership and generosity that we have amongst our student body and the many ways in which our students have “put something back” to the school community.

Last Thursday, we were delighted to welcome so many prospective Year 7 students and their parents/carers to our open evening. The school looked great and our many student volunteers did us proud. We had a strong team of Year 11, 12 and 13 prefects doing back to back to tours, as well as many students from all year groups involved in demonstration lessons in the different department areas. Our students really are our best advocates. Thanks also to the staff for their hard work in preparing for the evening!

In the main hall, Emma Dowling and Shreya Desiraju both from 7G gave an articulate speech to two very large audiences, which showed their impressive confidence. Definitely, future student leadership team material. Thanks also to our head girl Lauren Webb and to Inaya Mahmood our head charity prefect for leading great talks too, and Mrs Yoxall, parent of a Year 7 student to talk to the audience from her perspective.

On Friday, I met with the form captains of 7L who shared with me their diary of “a week in the life of 7L”. They spoke about how they had led and managed the project and how they set and chased deadlines amongst their peers in order to put their diary together.

Other students that “put something back” last week were the Geography prefects who supported Mr Marrison in the Geography house quiz, and of course all the students who entered. It was a victory for L in the end! Well done Lacemakers.


Over the weekend Kate Batten, Alice Burrows and Abbey Hardy, accompanied by Mr Gray, played in a lunchtime recital at St Mary’s Church, Shinfield. Thank you girls, and Mr Gray.


Lastly, we say goodbye to Cath Barton who retires after working in our school kitchen since 1994. Cath has certainly “put something back” for the last 23 years. We will miss you and we hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement. Thank you for your dedication to the school. 


So, I will close this week’s blog with this thought; our students have been generous with everything, and generous with their generosity! It is not about giving money, but rather time and care.  We encourage our students that if they have special talent, use it to help others in some way, if they have the facilities, lend them to those who need them. If they have the power to effect change for the better then use it. If they have influence, use it. And if they don’t? We can all make a difference in our own small way and maybe we just need to be creative in how we define “putting something back”                     

Mrs K Pearce


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