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15th November 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Mrs Kennedy and I have had a very busy week this week meeting many students to celebrate their successes and achievements both in and out of school and we feel immensely proud of them all.

Firstly, you may remember that last year, some of our students took part in a BBC radio documentary broadcast to commemorate 70 years of twinning between Reading and Dusseldorf. After the war, one girl from Dusseldorf, Gretel, came to stay with a Wokingham family whose daughter was a Holt girl and so Gretel joined her at The Holt for a while. The documentary included stories about her time here and was excellent.  In fact, earlier this term it won the bronze award at the ARIA radio awards, beating other programmes from BBC 3 and 4.  Well, last week we learned that the documentary has now won gold at The Frank Gillard awards (this is a prestigious awards event for local radio). This is great news and well done to Chris Browning, from BBC Berkshire who produced the documentary.

Please see below the link to the documentary.

We also celebrated some of very own published poets from Year 10 and 11 this week. Eight of our students were prizewinners in a national poetry competition over the summer and their work has since been published in the “Busta Rhyme” anthology as part of the National Creative Writers award. “Well done” all round to Siddi Muruganandh, Tara Nunn, Rebecca Hickman, Megan Beavis, Madeleine Miles, Rosie Lewis, Lily Harrison and Emily Russell.  Thanks go to the English department and to Ms Hunt to leading this.


Last Thursday evening, the Year 11 GCSE music students put on a fabulous concert to celebrate and share their hard work and musical talents with staff and parents. I love this event, as the students organise absolutely everything from the pieces, the running order, the programme and even to the presenting on the night and they always do such a great job.  It was great to see how many other Year 11 students came just to watch and give support to their peers.  It was also a nice addition to see a music related charity stand on the night selling some Ugandan jewellery and ornaments, all to raise money for the charity “brass for Africa”. Thanks Gracie Trott for setting this stand up.


Finally, on Friday we held our Remembrance day service and marked the two minute silence. The whole of Year 7 attended, along with children from our service families, our cadets and visitors to the school. These included some of our governors and former staff, Mr McClements and Mr Cornish from the Arborfield British Legion and Reverend Richard Lamey from St Paul’s Church. It was a reflective and thought provoking service with readings from Emma Phipps, Year 13 and Defne Bunyan, Year 7S.  Thank you to Alice Burrows 9T for her beautiful playing of The Last Post and The Reveille

 I was immensely proud of all our students.


This Thursday, we also have another big evening, as we say “well done” and present the hard-earned GCSE certificates to our former Year 11, the class of 2017.

I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Mrs Pearce


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