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22nd November 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Last Thursday Mrs Pearce and I were able to show our gratitude to students, parents and teachers by celebrating the achievement of the 2017 Year 11 cohort. The results of the 2017 cohort were excellent with 93.5% achieving at least 5A*-C  or 4+ grades at GCSE, with 88.7% passing English and maths and no less than 48.9% of passes A*-A or grades 7-9.  Our value added score of 0.66 indicates that for every 10 GCSEs, students would achieve one grade higher in 6 to 7 subjects compared to other students nationally who were are the same starting point; that is with the same SATS scores at the end of Year 6.  This is an impressive achievement by our 2017 Year 11 girls! 

Not only was it lovely to celebrate with the girls on Thursday but also to show our appreciation to our dedicated staff and of course to all of the parents of the 2017 cohort.   John Hattie, a professor of Education in New Zealand, is a leading researcher into the influences on student achievement, using evidence-based methodologies. He concluded, and it is no surprise, that parents are a major influence on a child’s success in life.  He acknowledges that the quality of schools and the nature of a student’s peer group matters significantly but it is from home that young people derive lasting effects on their character, mind-set and attainment.   His research tells us that parent engagement in the educational development of their children improves attainment more than any other single factor.  He said parents can help their child most by having regular and meaningful conversations with them, by setting high aspirations for them and demonstrating their own interest in and support of learning at home and school.  Home conversation really matters.

Cllr Rob Stanton presented the certificates, with just a few minutes warning, as our speaker, ex-student and explorer, Ness Knight unexpectedly pulled out in order to sign a sponsorship deal to secure funding for her next expedition.  Her life is exciting and we look forward to Ness coming in later on in the year to inspire our girls.   Cllr Stanton’s quirky style was friendly and warm; our girls coped well with Cllrs Stanton’s questions (and jokesJ) in front of an audience of over 300!  This was another testament to how well parents have worked with school to form such good character amongst the girls.  Well done to year 11 and thank you parents!

Last week Amba Mistry in 7G cut 14 inches of her hair and donated it to the Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24, who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.  Amba said she has gained at least 30 minutes a day in less hairstyling time.  Thank you Amba!

Our current year 11, have been in PPE (mock) exams for English and maths and on Friday they will be able to relax and enjoy the sixth form taster day.  Girls will be able to sample four A level lessons or learn more about college courses and apprenticeships and for the fifth hour they will meet with our experienced sixth form tutors and Year 13 students to find out about ‘Life in the Sixth Form’.  Well done for Year 11 – it will have been a long week.

Year 13 students are receiving offers from universities daily.  Mrs Pearce and I have enjoyed meeting with students to talk about the application process and the subjects they have chosen to study.  We have also been conducting mock interviews with Oxbridge, medical and veterinary science students….it is all very interesting, exciting and of course fingers crossed for them all for getting offers!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.


Anne Kennedy

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