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28th February 2018

Dear Parents, guardians and friends

It is great to have the Year 12 students back into lessons now following their recent PPEs (mocks). They worked very hard and hopefully as they have their papers returned over the next week they will feel pleased and reassured by their efforts as they make the leap from GCSE to A level papers. Moreover, they will be able to identify their areas of strength but more importantly any gaps in their knowledge and understanding which they can go over with their teacher. That really is the point of PPEs, and when you think of them as more of a “diagnostic tool” you definitely get more out of the exams.  Year 11 this week start their second “wave” of maths and English PPEs and they too should be thought of as “diagnostic tools” to spot the key areas in which they need to improve ready for the final exams.

 It was good to see so many Year 9 parents last week at parents’ evening. That evening marked the end of our formal information, advice and guidance process for GCSE options. Most students have also had their interview with a member of the senior leadership team and all they have left to do is hand in their signed green form to reception by Tuesday 6th March.

Some teachers and Year 9 students were unable to join us for parents’ evening, as they were in France on the history trip to the battlefields. They returned at the weekend tired but excited by what was an excellent trip.


 They had amazing weather over the weekend, but like us here, it was very, very cold!

This photo was taken at Vimy Ridge, a Canadian War Memorial on a very chilly day on the Somme Salient.


On one evening, Sylvie and River laid a wreath on behalf of The Holt School at the Last Post ceremony at The Menin Gate, Ypres. This was a very thought provoking and sombre event and I believe Silvie and River rehearsed this in advance to get it right.

Thank you to Mr Furlong and his team for organising and leading this trip.

Also last week, Mr Marrison and his prefect team Jenny Barlow, Louise Dunn and Mahlah Tomsett led our assembly and “Thought for The Week”. It was entitled “Is the world doomed?” The students talked confidently about various issues  damaging the world including global warming, over farming, and the ever growing population. After their talk, the students in the audience took a vote to see if they thought we really were doomed! Interestingly, the Year 7 students thought we were the most doomed and the Year 8s doomed, but a bit less so and so it went up the school until the last assembly for the Year 11, 12 and 13 students  who thought we were not doomed at all. They were optimistic that we had at our disposal the knowledge and the ever growing technology to reverse the doom and gloom! This was also very much the message that Mr Marrison concluded with all year groups to reassure them!


This week, as well the PPEs for Year 11, we have the annual “World Book Day” celebrations on Thursday 1st March. As always, we invite the Year 7s to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. I love going round guessing who everyone has come as. The students (and their parents of course) are really inventive and I do admire the creativity that goes into some of the costumes. Often the best ones are thrown together from whatever is lying around at home! Mrs Kennedy will no doubt be sharing some pictures in her blog next week.

This year we are raising money for Book Aid International and so we asking Year 7 to bring in a donation of £1 to go towards this cause in return for dressing up.

The English department are leading literacy based assemblies all week and will issue the popular book tokens via registers, so look out for those!

As the mornings are now definitely getting lighter, which is lovely, the weather is decidedly chillier at the moment. “The Beast from the East” is here and in the news there is lots of talk of snow, which fills us teachers with dread and most students with excitement! If there is heavy snowfall, please keep checking the school website and the twitter account which is the first place any news will appear! We always do our best to keep the school open and in most cases all that is needed is a pair of wellies, but we will keep you updated as soon as we are able. If you don’t follow us on Twitter, now might be a good time to find us on @TheHoltSchool

 Have a good rest of the week.

Mrs Pearce


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