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29th November 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Looking back over the last week, I am reminded of two things; firstly, The Holt is a very busy school. Students here are given many extracurricular and enrichment opportunities, for which the take up is impressive. Secondly, through effort, hard work and perseverance, our students do very well indeed.

This was never truer than this week where we celebrated the many successes of our students from all years.

Firstly, Mrs Kennedy and I met with the “Welcome to Wonderland” award winners. These were students in Year 7-9 who entered a national young writers’ competition promoted by the English Department. For this competition, entrants had to write a short story in no more than 100 words. We had some most interesting tales, including stories about haunted houses, trolls and a creepy room, amongst other things. The students all had the honour of having their story published in a book called “Welcome to Wonderland”. Well done to Abigail Grant Year 7, Megan Beavis, Alice Bloomfield, Dasha Danilova Year 8, Gloria Boateng, Charlotte Adams, Anna Nawacki. Csilla Balla and Lilly Dures in Year 9.


The maths department also had success last week with the recent senior Maths MT Challenge award. This is another national competition and this particular round was open to Year 12 and 13 students. There were 21 entries in all and this time 15 certificates were awarded including 11 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold. Lauren Webb in Year 13, made it through to the next round which is called the “Kangaroo” round and will be held on Friday! Good luck Lauren and well done to all involved. Thanks also to the maths department for encouraging such great participation.

On Friday evening, the PE department enjoyed a lovely evening at The Wokingham Borough Sports Awards ceremony hosted by Bulmershe. We are very proud at The Holt that we had several nominees for a variety of awards. These include for Under 14s, Tori Fisher for netball and Eleanor Blinkhorn for synchronised swimming. For the Under 18s, Katie Fisher was nominated for netball, Millie Whitehouse for rugby, Abigail Miller for hockey and Harriette Smith for synchronised swimming.

It was a great evening for The Holt; we won the award for “best senior school”. Sophie Guy won the “spirit of sport” award for her commitment and volunteering in netball, and Isobel Blinkhorn won the Under 14 award for synchronised swimming.

Well done to those girls, but also to all the nominees who have worked incredibly hard in their individual sports. We are very proud of you. Thanks also to the PE department for your ongoing support and encouragement for sports both in and outside of school.


Just last night, a team of 6th form students led by Mr Savage went off to Bradfield College to take part in the MACE debate competition. They fiercely debated whether video games should be an Olympic sport. We didn’t win, but Imaan Hussain and Emily Murnane did well and the feedback they got was very useful and will help them in future debates. Well done girls and thanks to Mr Savage for organising this.


Finally, last Friday we held a very successful 6th form taster day for our Year 11 students. The current 6th formers gave up their centre for the day to allow the Year 11s the opportunity to experience and visualise what it might be like in the 6th form next year. They all tried out four A level lessons and attended a talk by our Year 13 students on life in the 6th form at The Holt. A good and informative day was had by all!

The Senior Leadership Team are currently interviewing all Year 11 students to offer them information, advice and guidance towards their next exciting steps.

The application form for our 6th form is available to download from our website and the closing date is on Friday 8th December.


Katie Pearce


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