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31st January 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Now that the PPEs (mocks) are over for Year 11 and Year 13, teachers are returning the marked scripts.  The feedback for both students and teachers from the scripts is vital in working out the next steps to making improvements to reach higher grades. Many girls are pleased with their results, given they still have four months of revision and consolidating work in class.  However, it is natural and part of the process for girls to be disappointed with some of their results.  It is important to feel disappointment but then to move on by looking at the bigger picture – still four months to go with lots of structured revision lessons, feedback from teachers , through self marking and quizzing and of course consolidation through private revision.  Generally, a conscientious student will gain a grade higher in the summer exams for each of their subjects.

One of the best things about being co-headteacher is that I can drop into any lesson and it is such a privilege!  This week I have seen Year 7 students learn how to play the Waltz on the piano and another Year 7 class were acting out a scene from The Frogs, one of Aristophanes's greatest comedies.  Year 9 history students were discussing the aftermath of the First World War and another Year 9 class were playing WW1 weaponry top trumps!  The girls certainly have fun being exposed to an enriched curriculum at KS3, which will hopefully enable them to flourish by having a sense of appreciation of culture, art and music.


Miss Lister and her history sixth form prefects delivered a powerful and passionate assembly last week to support World Holocaust Day, which was on Saturday.  The theme was the power of words and Miss Lister reminded us that the day enables us to honour the survivors of regimes of hatred and challenge ourselves to use the lessons of their experience to inform our lives today.  Sadly, discrimination has not ended, nor has the use of the language of hatred or exclusion and the assembly focused on the power of words, as all genocide starts with language that depersonalises and denigrates victims.  Miss Lister asked us to think of the most powerful thing someone has said to us and she played the following clip from York County Council.

 It made us all reflect on the power of words.


Senora Woods took A level Spanish students on a trip to Seville at the weekend.  She wrote …

The Spanish sixth form trip to Seville took place as usual at the end of January. This year, 16 Spanish students from The Holt were joined by one student from Emmbrook for a very quick 48 hour introduction to Seville. We visited the Alcazar, the cathedral and the Giralda, the Plaza de Toros, the Plaza de Espana and we saw a flamenco show. We also visited a market and the ceramic area of Triana, as well as trying tapas and walking quite a few miles. The students had a wonderful time as they all had to take turns to ask for directions, buy tickets and lead the group using a map. Only once did we end up walking two kilometres in the wrong direction! A good time had by all.   


Thank you to Senora Wood for organising the trip and giving up her weekend and to Miss Richards who accompanied Mrs Wood.

Finally, Mrs Pearce and I enjoyed chatting to so many Year 10 parents at parents evening last Thursday and we appreciated the feedback on our blogs!  The best part of the evening was watching parents leaving with a mix of relief and pride from the conversations with staff and happy teenage girls at their sides! 

Enjoy the rest of the week

Anne Kennedy


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