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10th May 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Over the last few weeks and months many of our students in Years 11, 12 and 13 have been very busy completing their GCSE and A Level coursework and / or controlled assessments. I have been so impressed with the quality of work across all the subjects that I decided a little while ago that I would share some examples unfortunately my photography does not do justice to all the wonderful things that the students have created.         


In the technology subjects; food, textiles, graphics and resistant materials in addition to making “products” they also have to provide all the background planning and production information as well as critiquing the final product. In A Level food some students have been devising desserts for special occasions, in resistant materials pewter jewellery and in graphics architectural and advertising /marketing aids. 


Whilst in textiles students have created items of clothing for a client, below is a costume designed for a client who was performing in a pantomime on ice, or creating pieces using recycled material.


As in the technlogy subjects the  quality and variety of work in art is excellent and reflects just how much time and effort  has been invested.    The practical subjects are not alone in providing opportunities for students to embark on projects, in English literature A Level for example students are able to select any two books to illustrate a theme of their choice similarly in history students can write and respond to their own question about historical events that interest them.               


The skills needed in order to be succesful  in this type of learning cannot be underestimated not least of all the ability to meet deadlines. Throughout school students are expected to be “on time” from arriving at school for an 8.40am start, to completing  homelearning by the date set or applying for trips/visits, they all know the expectations and should not be surprised that if they do not meet these expectations that there will be a consequence.  In the case of  poor punctuality or failure to hand in homelearning on time it would be a detention, whilst not applying for a place on a trip before the deadline could result in missing out on that trip. However in addition to these consequences there are also the less tangible effects namely the anxiety and worry felt when a deadline looms and not enough work has been done.

The earlier that young people learn that deadlines have to be met and are able to plan ahead in order to avoid last minute panic and disappointment the better, it is a life skill that everyone needs.

Thank you

Suzanne RIchards

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