The Holt School

PTA - The 100 Club

Win up to £200 in cash for just £1 per month!

What is the 100 club?

The 100 Club is a simple and effective way of raising money for the school while giving members a chance of winning from a monthly prize draw.

Who can join?

The 100 club is open to parents, staff, family and friends of The Holt School.

How does it work?

Participants pay £12 per share (number) and all numbers are put into a monthly draw.

What can I win?

50% of all money received is given in prizes. The December prize is £200 and the July prize is £100 (provided that there are sufficient participants to make these figures viable). All other prize values are dependant on the number of entrants.


What will it cost?

Each share (number) purchased will cost £12 for the year. Obviously the more numbers you have, the higher your chances of winning and the larger the prize of the monthly draw.

Why should I do it?

All the profits, the other 50%, go to The Holt School PTA to provide some of the important “extras” to help the girls in their education; recent examples are the Holt Café and the outside canopies.

What do I do?

Please make payment and complete the application form via Wisepay.  

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