The Holt School

The Holt School Mission Statement



“To inspire all members of the Holt community by challenging them to maintain a safeand caring environment in which they achieve success whilst preparing for a future in an ever changing global society.”

 Within this framework the School airms are:

 To provide a curriculum which:

  • uses a variety of teaching and learning strategies which develop independent learning

  • has an imaginative approach which promotes motivation

  • is designed to meet the needs of each individual student

  • promotes cross curricular skills and knowledge

 To pursue personal excellence via:

  • high levels of attainment across the full ability range

  • public examination results which record high levels of achievement at KS3, GCSE, and ‘A’ Level

  • high participation rates and standards in a wide range of extra curricular activity

  • a positive ethos promoting self esteem

 To promote personal development via:

  • a caring and supportive environment which provides opportunities for leadership, initiative and the development of leisure interests

  • personal responsibility which acknowledges the needs and rights of others within school as well as the local community and the wider world

  • an appreciation of the importance of good personal relationships and interpersonal skill

  • responses to the dynamic nature of the global economy which encourage personal and organisational flexibility

  • self assessment which acknowledges individual responsibility for learning which will provide the foundation for life-long learningincreased awareness of the strength and potential of the human spirit within a multicultural context


Consultation of all members of the School Community and discussions at Student Council led to a decision that the following values underpin everything we do in school.

           Honesty                                              Trust                                       Respect

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