Potential High Attainers

Potential High Attainers


Meeting the educational needs of the gifted and talented is about building on good general school provision, not about providing something entirely different.”

Professor Deborah Eyre, 2001.

The Holt School has developed an inclusive policy to drive and direct learning for all our students and, therefore, to identify and meet the needs of our potential high attainers (PHA).

At the centre of our policy is a consistent and committed approach from all staff and departments to provide a secure and challenging learning environment for all students, ensuring that no ‘ceiling’ is placed on achievement. The Holt School takes pride in achievement and hence we are encouraging all our students to become independent learners with high aspirations for their future.


The school aims to:

  • challenge able students within the classroom
  • provide stimulating learning experiences for all pupils that encourage independence and autonomy, and support pupils in using their initiative and allow them to achieve their full potential
  • provide opportunities for pupils to work at higher cognitive levels
  • provide opportunities for pupils to develop specific skills and talents
  • encourage pupils to reflect on the process of their learning and to understand the factors that help them to make progress
  • foster the development of a well-rounded and balance individual, both intellectually and socially
  • encourage pupils to be open to ideas and initiatives presented by others, thus promoting the importance of citizenship and cultural diversity
  • encourage pupils to develop leadership potential and provide opportunities for this
  • celebrate achievement

Identification Process

There are a range of strategies that are used for identification. Together these allow meaningful identification of an appropriate cohort:

  • Quantitative test data: this will include CATS, SATS, National qualifications including for example Music, Art and sporting assessments
  • Qualitative information: this includes:
  • Teacher recognition: subject specific criteria, marking, monitoring and classroom observation
  • Parental nomination
  • Use of data bases: information from feeder schools, predicted progress between key stages, analysis of progress

As a result of the high level of support provided by The Holt School, the PHA students achieve high levels of success. Academically able students regularly achieve A-A* at GCSE and our A level results include students achieving the very highest grades allowing them to join prestigious universities