Pastoral & Academic Care

Pastoral & Academic Care

The Holt sixth form offers outstanding pastoral care for all our students. Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor with whom they stay throughout their time in the sixth form. The Personal Tutors support the students with their studies, work experience and overall development as well as supporting them in their applications to university, apprenticeships or work.

In term 1 of Year 12, all students will have one term of transition where we will be supporting and training them in tutor periods to adapt to a more independent sixth form learning style. The Year 12 students will be expected to be in school every morning for this term, attending registration at 8.40am. However, students may go home if they do not have any afternoon lessons. Your son/daughter will be allocated a Personal Tutor who will support them through this transition period with 1:1 academic mentoring, support and guidance. During this first term, your son/daughter will have the opportunity to get to know their peers and teachers as they are encouraged to form study groups, receive specific 1:1s with staff and receive personalised guidance on note taking, revision strategies and time management.   The first term is also a good time to try out new things such as classroom attachment, sport, debating or volunteering in the community and primarily to get into good habits.

Personal Tutoring

From term 2 in Year 12 and until the end of sixth form, students will no longer attend a formal registration every morning, but will have a 10-minute 1:1  personal tutoring appointment once a fortnight at 8.40 or 8.50am with their Personal Tutor. This one session every fortnight is compulsory and will be for your son/daughter to check in, discuss concerns, progress, absence and any other relevant teaching and learning or pastoral issues.

Personal Tutors are able to support students in identifying any support needed, and are key to ensuring students continue to make outstanding academic progression.

We hold one parents’ consultation evening in Year 12 and two in Year 13. Staff talk through progress with the student and his/her parents. In September of Year 13 we also hold a post 18 discussion where parents are invited to discuss with the Personal Tutor and their son/daughter post 18 options, UCAS predictions, applications and to set targets for the coming year.

Seminar & Workshop Programme

This is when we will have transition/study skills workshops, careers guidance and sessions on post 18 plans, university/apprenticeship applications, outside speakers and inspirational assemblies. These sessions are key to their personal development, and offers students a wide range of enrichment opportunities.

Private Study Sessions

Students will attend 10 private study sessions that are allocated on their timetable, where they make use of our excellent silent study room, with a computer and workspace at their disposal.

Home Study

From term 2 in Year 12 and onwards, when your son/daughter does not have anything on their timetable they can choose to remain in school to study or they may prefer to use Wokingham Library or study at home. The sixth form centre is available for all our students to use between the hours of 7.30am – 5.50pm.  If students are part of the student leadership team, prefects, have other internal responsibilities or a coaching session then they are expected to attend.

Learning Coaches

We have a team of highly qualified teachers who spend some of their time as learning coaches. They support students through the transition from GCSE to A level study; they teach students how to develop effective study and revision systems. The coaching normally creates good habits within six weeks if the students respond and work on the tips given to them.

ARC Counsellor

We have an external ARC counsellor, who offers a confidential drop in service to sixth form students one day a week.


Students will be able to access our school SENCO if they have special educational needs and our SENCO also coordinates special exam access arrangements.

Financial Support for Studying

There are no fees to study at The Holt sixth form, however some subjects do require a residential field study trip.

Students are able to access financial support for the costs of studying through a range of government grants and bursaries. Students may apply through the school for a means-tested government funded bursary, which is awarded annually and paid termly.

Eligible students are also encouraged to investigate the following funding support available: Care to Learn and the Disabled Student Allowance. Further information can be found through the GOV.UK website.