Post 18 Options

Post 18 Options

Careers, university and apprenticeship preparation are an integral part of the sixth form experience at The Holt.

The preparations start on the first day in Year 12 as students establish good study systems and embark on new experiences through enrichment activities.

In the summer term of Year 12, PSHE lessons focus on what to consider when choosing a course and university. For students who choose to go for a level 3 or degree level apprenticeship, we also give advice on what to consider when choosing a scheme. A day is set aside to give advice and guidance on writing UCAS personal statements and letters of applications to apprenticeship schemes.

This process continues through the autumn term of Year 13 for the student applying to university as the UCAS deadline is in December. For student applying for apprenticeships we support them throughout the year until they have secured a placement.

Students are encouraged to talk to their tutors, subject teachers, the Heads of Sixth Form and our Careers Lead about their plans post 18.

Early Entry and Oxbridge Programme

For those students who wish to make Oxbridge applications or applications that require early entry, we have a dedicated team of staff to support. Students will receive advice and guidance from our specialist Oxbridge Mentor, and will attend various events through our partnership with Wellington College.

Students will also be offered the opportunity for preparation for the various entry examinations, alongside mock interviews with subject specialists.

Admissions Tests

Admissions Testing Service
UKCAT – UK Clinical Aptitude Test
LNAT – National Admission Test for Law