The Holt School

School Policies


Abuse, Threats and Violence Policy
Accessibility Plan
Anti Bullying Policy
Assessment for Learning Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour for Learning Policy
Bursary Fund Guidelines
Careers Policy
Charging and Remission Policy
Code of Conduct
Complaints Policy
Curriculum Policy
Data Protection Policy
Disability Policy for Exams
Drugs Policy
Early Entry Policy
Educational Visits and School Trips Policy
English as an Additional Language Policy
Equality Objectives
Equal Opportunity Policy And Guideline
Examinations Contingency Plan
Examinations Policy
Financial Delegation Scheme
Financial Regulations Manual Policy
Food Policy
Free School Meals Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Governors Code of Conduct
Habitual or Vexatious Complaints Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Literacy Policy
LRC Policy
Managing Asbestos Policy
Medical Policy 
Mobile Phone Policy
Non-examination Assessment Policy
Numeracy Policy
Online Safety Policy
Pastoral Information Policy 
PoR Policy
Potential High Attainer Policy
PSHE Policy
Pupil Premium Policy
Register of Certifying Officers
Risk Register
Safeguarding Policy
Scheme of Delegation for Governance Functions
School & Community Relations Policy
SEN Policy
Sex & Relationships Policy
Student Acceptable Use Policy
Teaching & Learning Policy


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