Year Group

Eton Lectures – Keynes Society8 November12 & 13 (Economics)
Liquid Leisure, Windsor Trip5 November10

Pupil Premium – November 2019

Pupil Premium – Guidance to Parents November 2019

4 November7-11

Year 10 Letter to parents – “Object” November 20194 November10
Letter from Chair of Governors – Progress 8 Score25 OctoberAll years
Music Concert Update24 October11
GCSE Music Extra Curricular Invitation23 October10
Music GCSE Coursework Dates October 201923 October11
French Exchange23 October12 – Invited Students
Year 7 Instrumental and Singing Lessons22 October7
Give and Take Programme – Soulscape18 October8
Reading Buses amended Leopard 3 Bus Route 4th November 201918 OctoberAll years

Year 12 Work Experience 7th – 10th July 2020

Year 12 The HoltSchool Sixth Form WorkExperience Parent and Student Agreement

Year 12 The Holt School Sixth Form Work Experience Request Form

17 October12

Year 7 Detentions after October half term17 October7
Non-uniform Day16 October7-11
Sixth Form Open Evening Presentation16th October11
A-Level Geography – Swanage Residential Trip14 October12
Drama – Woman in Black Theatre Trip14 October9
Second Hand Uniform Donations11 OctoberAll years
KS4 Parents’ Information Evening11 October10-11
Le Pre Catalan11 October7 – 7B,7C,7G and 7H
Bushcraft Trip11 October8
PE GCSE Theatre Trip9 October10
Holt Mini University Fair8 October10-13
BREXIT and EU Settlement Scheme8 OctoberAll years
Bushcraft Trip8 October 20199
WW1 Battlefields Trip8 October 20199

GCSE NEA Catch up Sessions (Design & Technology)

Copy of GCSE NEA 2019-20 Hand-in Dates

7 October11

Course Information

Home Learning Timetable

GCSE Courses Assessment Requirements

Key points from Lisa Damour’s “Under Pressure” book


4 October10

School Entrance Gate 24 OctoberAll years
A-Level Psychology Conference Trip4 October 201913
Yr 10 & 11 – Tips for Independent Language Learning3 October 201910 & 11
Safe Drive Stay Alive Event2 October13

Pre Public Examination (PPE) Information letter

Revision Grid

2 October13

A-Level Sociology Revison Conference2 October13
Home Learning timetable1 October8

Anti-social behaviour information letter from Thames Valley Police

Information for parents regarding Cannabis/Xanax/Alcohol

1 OctoberAll Years

GCSE Science – Science Live – Oxford Trip1 October10
GCSE Geography – Field Study Trip30 September10
Year 8 Art Club27 September8
Year 7 Art Club27 September7
A-Level History Trip – Krakow27 September12-13
Year 10 Introduction – GCSE Business26 September10
Year 10 Work Experience (15-19th June 2020)25 September10
Year 11 GCSE Drama25 September11
Year 10 – GCSE Combined Science OCR Gateway Revision guide (Foundation)25 September10
Year 10 – GCSE Combined Science OCR Gateway Revision guide (Higher)25 September10
Year 10 – GCSE Separate Sciences OCR Gateway Revision guide (Triple)25 September10
Year 11 GCSE Music Concert24 September11
Year 7 Home Learning Timetable23 September7
Sixth Form Open Evening Letter23 September11
English – Set Text – ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde’20 September10
U14’s Berkshire Girls Hockey Tournament20 SeptemberInvited Students
U16’s Berkshire Girls Hockey Tournament20 SeptemberInvited Students
Science Live (Biology)20 September12-13
Home Learning Timetable18 September9

The Importance of Reading

Year 8 Recommended Reading List

Year 9 Recommended Reading List

17 September8-9

Early Closure Arrangements17 September7-13
Winter Uniform Update16 September7-11

Parent Governor Election Letter

Nomination Form

13 September7-13

A-level English Literature Coursework13 September13

Year 7 Presentation PPT – from recent

Parents’ Information Evening

13 September7
Holt Lane – “Pick up and drop off” road safety letter12 September7-13
Parents’ Information Evening12 September13
Parents’ Information Evening12 September12
Parent Information on Safeguarding12 September7-13
Houses of Parliament Trip – A-Level Politics12 September12-13
GCSE Economics Introduction Letter11 September10

Physical Education Extra-Curricular Matches

ECA Timetable

11 September7-11

Seveille Trip – A-Level Spanish11 September12- 13
A-level Geography letter9 September12
GCSE Geography letter9 September10
GCSE History textbook letter9 September11
Harvest Festival student permission letter9 September11
GCSE Business letter6 September11

A-level “Importance of Being Earnest” Letter

A-level “Twelfth Night” Letter

5 September 201912

Parents Information Evening5 September 20197

Reading Programme and Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Reading List

4 September 20197

Safe Drive Stay Alive10 September 201913

Dress guidance for September 2019

Dress guide

19 July 201910-11

Dress guidance for September 2019

Dress guide

19 July 20197-9


GCSE German – Rhine Valley Residential Trip11 July 201910 (as at September)
GCSE Food and Nutrition – Good Food Show, NEC Birmingham4 July 201910 & 11 (as at September)
GCSE Science course in year 9 (September)1 July 20198 (current)
Shakespeare text – Macbeth25 June 201910
WADE letter20 June 20198
Music Tour – France and Belgium 202022 May 20197 to 12 (Invited Students)

Drive Start Poster

Drive Start letter

30 April10

Changes to Sixth Form – letter to current year 11 students26 April11
Changes to Sixth Form – letter to current year 12 students26 April12