Year Group

Co-Headteachers’ Wednesday weekly update25\03\2020All Years
GCSE and A level exams24\03\2020Yr 11 & Yr 13
GCSE PoR exam24\03\2020Yr 10
Examination grades update21\03\2020Yr 10, 11, 13
Coronavirus – 2pm update18\03\2020All Years
Coronavirus – Hints and tips on having teenagers in a lockdown house18\03\2020All Years
Coronavirus – staffing (a.m.)18\03\2020All Years
Friends of The Holt – Quiz and auction – cancelled17\03\2020All Years
Partial School Closures16\03\2020All Years
Update on COVID-1916\03\2020All Years
DT NEA catch up day Saturday 14th \03\202012\03\2020Year 11 (GCSE DT)
Year 10 Exam study skills presentation
Exam Timetable
10\03\2020Year 10
Covid-19 Contingency Planning9\03\2020All Years
Music Tour Trip6\03\2020Trip Attendees
Sports Relief 20206\03\2020All Years
Information Helpline for Coronavirus5\03\2020All Years
Second hand uniform donations4\03\2020All Years
Granada Trip4\03\2020Trip Attendees
Year 13 Parent Consulation Evening Invitation – 19th \03\2020
Year 13 Consultation Evening
Parent’s Guide
3\03\2020Year 13
Year 11 GCSE’s and three strikes3\03\2020Year 11
Updated letter – PoR exam date changes
Year 10 Assessments letter
Revision Guide
Assessments timetable
3\03\2020Year 10

Coronavirus Update2\03\2020All Years
Spectroscopy Masterclass Trip2\03\2020Year 12 – Chemistry
Spanish Play – Onatti Theatre Company27\02\2020Years 89
Spanish Tapas Evening 16th \03\202027\02\2020Years 7-11
Update – Coronavirus
Map showing specified areas of Italy
Coronavirus – Letter to Schools
from Public Health England
Coronavirus – letter from Co-Headteachers

Friends of The Holt – Quiz and auction – letter
Post 18 Options Evening14\02\202012
World Book Day – book sale14\02\20207-13
Rushall Farm Visit13\02\20207
World Book Day 5th \03\2020 202011\02\2020Year 7
School Production 2020 – ‘The Beauty and the Beast’11\02\2020All Years
KS4 Options – online submissions10\02\20209
Advice about Coronavirus from the Department of Education6\02\2020All Years
Non-uniform Day (14.02.20)4\02\20207-11
Second hand uniform sale and how to pay3\02\20207-11
Year 12 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Year 12 Consultation Evening – Parents’ Guide
Oxford and Cambridge Student Conference Trip27\01\202012 (Invited)
“Pause” workshop – Soulscape23\01\20207
Body Worlds Exhibition Trip23\01\202010,11,12 (HSC
Year 12 Psychology
Global Politics Conference23\01\202013
Philosophy of Religion Trip23\01\20207
Design Museum Trip22\01\202010 (GCSE Technology)
Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Year 9 Consultation Evening – Parents’ Guide
Scholastic Book Fair21\01\20207-10
GCSE Art – Kew Gardens Trip21\01\202010
Year 13 – Pre Public Examinations (PPE’s)
PPE Revision Grid
School Car Parks – Safety reminder17\01\2020All
Second hand uniform – donations and dates14\01\2020All
Year 7 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Year 7 Consultation Evening – Parents’ Guide
Emergency Contact letter – Sims Parent App9\01\20207-13
Year 9 French Play – Onatti – 03.02.209\01\20209
Year 10 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Year 10 Consultation Evening – Parents’ Guide
6\01\2020Year 10
Year 9 Options Evening6\01\2020Year 9
Bethlem Museum Trip6\01\2020Year 12 – Socia Sciences
Yr 12 letter – Studying at home arrangements – from Jan 202020\12\202012
Year 11 GCSE NEA deadline extension20\12\202011 (GCSE DT)
Year 10 End of term letter20\12\202010
Year 8 Christmas 201920\12\20208
Year 9 Christmas 201919\12\20209
Yr 11 – End of term letter18\12\202011
Winter Vomiting Bug17\12\2020All Years
Year 7 Christmas 201917\12\20207
Berkshire Inter-Schools Cross Country Championships17\12\2020Invited
Yr 12 13 – End of term letter16\12\202012 13
Christmas jumper and accessories day 17th \12\202013\12\2020All Years
RSE PSHE information letter11\12\20207-11
PE Extra-curricular activities letter
PE Extra-curricular actvities timetable
An Inspector Calls10\12\202010
Onatti Theatre Company – French Play
Onatti Theatre Company – French Play

A-Level Study Guides – English Literature9\12\202013 (English Literature)
PPE Revision letter
PPE Timetable
PPE’s Revision booklet

Christmas Lunch Tuesday 17th \12\20206\12\2020All Years
Year 11 PPEs French, German and Spanish Information sheet6\12\2020Year 11
Costa Rica Expedition 20213\12\202010-12
County Lines Performance2\12\202011
Marwell Zoo Trip2\12\2020Year 12 (Biology)
A Monster Calls Theatre Trip29\11\2019Year 8 10
English Drama)
National Museum of Computing Trip28\11\201910(Computing GCSE)
Immunisation Letter
Immunisation Information Parent Pack
End of term letter27\11\20197-13
Packed Lunch arrangements22\11\20197-13
Tough Love – Theatre Production22\11\20198,9,10,12 13
Year 9 Last orders Performance 21st \11\201918\11\20199
Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening
Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening – Parents’ Guide
Friends of The Holt School15\11\20198-13
Friends of The Holt School15\11\20197
Eton Lectures – Keynes Society8\11\201912 13 (Economics)
Liquid Leisure, Windsor Trip5\11\201910
Pupil Premium – \11\2019 2019
Pupil Premium – Guidance to Parents \11\2019 2019
Year 10 Letter to parents – “Object” \11\2019 20194\11\201910
Letter from Chair of Governors – Progress 8 Score25\10\2019All years
Music Concert Update24\10\201911
GCSE Music Extra Curricular Invitation23\10\201910
Music GCSE Coursework Dates \10\2019 201923\10\201911
French Exchange23\10\201912 – Invited
Year 7 Instrumental and Singing Lessons22\10\20197
Give and Take Programme – Soulscape18\10\20198
Reading Buses amended Leopard 3 Bus Route 4th \11\2019 201918\10\2019All years
Year 12 Work Experience 7th – 10th \7\ 2020
Year 12 The HoltSchool Sixth Form
WorkExperience Parent and Student Agreement
Year 12 The Holt School Sixth Form
Work Experience Request Form

Year 7 Detentions after \10\2019 half term17\10\20197
Non-uniform Day16\10\20197-11
Sixth Form Open Evening Presentation16\10\201911
A-Level Geography – Swanage Residential Trip14\10\201912
Drama – Woman in Black Theatre Trip14\10\20199
Second Hand Uniform Donations11\10\2019All years
KS4 Parents’ Information Evening11\10\201910-11
Le Pre Catalan11\10\20197-7B,7C,7G,7H
Bushcraft Trip11\10\20198
PE GCSE Theatre Trip9\10\201910
Holt Mini University Fair8\10\201910-13
BREXIT and EU Settlement Scheme8\10\2019All years
Bushcraft Trip8\10\20199
WW1 Battlefields Trip8\10\20199
GCSE NEA Catch up Sessions (Design Technology)
Copy of GCSE NEA 2019-2 Hand-in Dates
Course Information Home Learning Timetable GCSE Courses Assessment
Requirements Key points from Lisa Damour’s “Under Pressure” book

School Entrance Gate 24\10\2019All years
A-Level Psychology Conference Trip4\10\201913
Yr 10 11 – Tips for Independent Language Learning3\10\201910 11
Safe Drive Stay Alive Event2\10\201913
Pre Public Examination (PPE) Information letter
Revision Grid
A-Level Sociology Revison Conference2\10\201913
Home Learning timetable1\10\20198
Anti-social behaviour information letter from Thames Valley Police
Information for parents regarding Cannabis/Xanax/Alcohol
1\10\2019All Years
GCSE Science – Science Live – Oxford Trip1\10\201910
GCSE Geography – Field Study Trip30\9\201910
Year 8 Art Club27\9\20198
Year 7 Art Club27\9\20197
A-Level History Trip – Krakow27\9\201912-13
Year 10 Introduction – GCSE Business26\9\201910
Year 10 Work Experience (15-19th \6\ 2020)25\9\201910
Year 11 GCSE Drama25\9\201911
Year 10 – GCSE Combined Science OCR Gateway Revision guide (Foundation)25\9\201910
Year 10 – GCSE Combined Science OCR Gateway Revision guide (Higher)25\9\201910
Year 10 – GCSE Separate Sciences OCR Gateway Revision guide (Triple)25\9\201910
Year 11 GCSE Music Concert24\9\201911
Year 7 Home Learning Timetable23\9\20197
Sixth Form Open Evening Letter23\9\201911
English – Set Text – ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde’20\9\201910
U14’s Berkshire Girls Hockey Tournament20\9\2019Invited
U16’s Berkshire Girls Hockey Tournament20\9\2019Invited
Science Live (Biology)20\9\201912-13
Home Learning Timetable18\9\20199
The Importance of Reading
Year 8 Recommended Reading List
Year 9 Recommended Reading List

Early Closure Arrangements17\9\20197-13
Winter Uniform Update16\9\20197-11
Parent Governor Election Letter
Nomination Form
A-level English Literature Coursework13\9\201913
Year 7 Presentation PPT – from recent
Parents’ Information Evening
Holt Lane – “Pick up and drop off” road safety letter12\9\20197-13
Parents’ Information Evening12\9\201913
Parents’ Information Evening12\9\201912
Parent Information on Safeguarding12\9\20197-13
Houses of Parliament Trip – A-Level Politics12\9\201912-13
GCSE Economics Introduction Letter11\9\201910
Physical Education Extra-Curricular Matches
ECA Timetable
Seveille Trip – A-Level Spanish11\9\201912-13
A-level Geography letter9\9\201912
GCSE Geography letter9\9\201910
GCSE History textbook letter9\9\201911
Harvest Festival student permission letter9\9\201911
GCSE Business letter6\9\201911
A-level “Importance of Being Earnest” Letter
A-level “Twelfth Night” Letter
Parents Information Evening5\9\20197
Reading Programme and Learning Resource Centre (LRC)
Reading List
Safe Drive Stay Alive10\9\201913
Dress guidance
Dress guide
Dress guidance
Dress guide
GCSE German – Rhine Valley Residential Trip11\7\201910
GCSE Food and Nutrition – Good Food Show, NEC Birmingham4\7\201910,11
GCSE Science course in year 9 (\9\2019)1\7\20198 (current)
Shakespeare text – Macbeth25\6\ 201910
WADE letter20\6\ 20198
Music Tour – France and Belgium 202022\5\ 20197 to 12 (Invited)
Drive Start Poster
Drive Start letter
Changes to Sixth Form – letter to current year 11 students26\4\201911
Changes to Sixth Form – letter to current year 12 students26\4\201912