Global Citizenship

Students and staff at The Holt have always been encouraged to look beyond the school gates and out of the ‘Wokingham bubble’ in order to be prepared to take up their place as a global citizen in the wider world.

We are very fortunate to have an extremely wide range of activities and projects which impact on teaching and learning in every aspect of the curriculum.

Global citizenship is delivered in four ways:


In lessons

Global themes, such as Peace and Conflict, Sustainable Development, Fairness and Equality,  are covered throughout the school curriculum depending on the schemes of work.  Students are encouraged to challenge stereotypes, avoid the ‘single story’ and look for links and commonality rather than differences and problems.

In addition, our Thought for the Week programme explores many different themes and topics. These help students develop their global values and character traits. Students discuss the issues in their tutor groups encouraging independent thought, promoting positive values as well as becoming more self confident by practising presentation skills and building confidence by speaking up.


Through one off special days/events

Built into the school calendar are a series of special days where students come off timetable to work together on special projects with a global theme. These may change from year to year but generally include Bastille Day, European Day of Languages, El dia de la Hispanidad, Commonwealth Day and Fairtrade fortnight.


Foreign visitors in school

The Holt School always offers a very warm welcome to visitors from abroad, of whom there are many throughout the year. Our links with China go back to 2000 when the first teachers from The Holt School visited China, and we regularly receive visitors from China who spend a week in school teaching  their language and culture. We have welcomed visitors from all over the world which have included Holland, Jamaica, Spain, Ukraine, India and Uganda.


School trips abroad

We are extremely fortunate to have many residential trips abroad run by staff at school.