Exam Information

Exam information

Please see the exam pages on FROG for more detailed information.

GCE and GCSE public exams:

13th May – 26th June 2019

Public exam National Contingency Day:

The awarding bodies have designated a ‘contingency day’ for exams in the event of a national or local disruption to exams.
Candidates must therefore be available until Wednesday 26th June 2019 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

Exam board and syllabus information:

• GCE course codes
• GCSE course codes

Results days:

GCE results day – 15th August 2019

GCSE results day – 22nd August 2019

All students will be emailed on results day, but please provide a stamped addressed envelope if you wish to have a copy sent to your home address, or email Mrs Cross, h.cross@holt.wokingham.sch.uk, to give permission for someone else to collect them.

Collection of certificates:

Students will receive their GCSE and GCE certificates at the presentation assembly for Year 11 in November and for Year 13 in December. If you cannot attend please arrange to collect your certificates from Reception before the end of the Autumn term.

It is very important to collect your certificates and look after them carefully, as you will need them in the future and replacements are very expensive and difficult to obtain.


Summer 2019 GCE timetable
Summer 2019 GCSE timetable

JCQ information for candidates:

Written exams
Social media
Privacy notice
Non-examination assessments

JCQ exam room posters:

Mobile phone warning
General warning to candidates
AQA GCSE and GCE MFL speaking tests warning to candidates

Pre-public exams:

PPE timetables will be published on FROG for parents and students to view when they are available.