Exam Information

Exam boards and qualification codes

KS4 subject and qualification codes

KS5 subject and qualification codes

Detailed information about these qualifications can be found on the relevant exam board website:


                                             Pearson (Edexcel)                                           


Exam dates and timetables

GCSE and GCE Public exams

The DfE have announced that most exams in summer 2021 will take place three weeks later than usual. The summer exam series will start on 7 June and end on 2 July for almost all GCEs and GCSEs. However one GCSE English and one GCSE maths paper and some GCE exams will be scheduled before the half-term break.

Timetables will be published here when available:

January 2021 timetable

Summer 2021 GCSE timetable

Summer 2021 GCE timetable

Exam timetables are published on the exam board websites if this information is required in advance


Pre-public exams

2020-2021 dates for Y10, Y11, Y12 and Y13 practice exams

Timetables will be published here when available:

Y10 April/ May 2021 PPE timetable

Y11 January 2021 PPE timetable

Y12 January 2021 PPE timetable

Y12 June 2021 PPE timetable

Y13 November 2020 PPE timetable

Y13 February 2021 PPE timetable

JCQ Information for candidates

All candidates sitting public examinations at the Holt School must be aware of the JCQ and exam board regulations.

These documents will tell you what you must and must not do when sitting written examinations and producing non examination assessments or coursework.

Please read them carefully:

Information for candidates: non-examination assessments

Information for candidates: coursework

Information for candidates – privacy notice

Information for candidates – social media

Information for candidates – written exams

Unauthorised items poster

Warning to candidates poster

Results days

The DfE have announced that summer 2021 results days will be later than usual due to the delayed start of the summer 2021 exams.

GCE results day: Tuesday 24 August

GCSE results day: Friday 27 August


Certificates must be collected in person and signed for at Reception after 1st December (KS4) or after the presentation evening (KS5)

 It is very important to collect your certificates and look after them carefully, as you will need them in the future and replacements are very expensive and difficult to obtain. The Holt School is not obliged to retain certificates after a year and unclaimed certificates may be destroyed or returned to the exam board

Post Results Services

Following the issue of results, awarding bodies make post-results services available.

A form detailing the services available, deadlines and fees for each awarding body will be included in the results envelope on results day. This form will also be available to download from Wisepay (Exam payment/ Post results services).

If you are concerned that your result may not be accurate, you should discuss this with your subject teacher or the senior member of staff who is available on results day.

The JCQ post-results services currently available are:

  • Clerical re-check

This checks all pages have been marked, the total is correct and result matches

  • Review of marking

A second examiner will review the paper again to identify genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking.

  • Priority review of marking

This service is only available for externally assessed components of GCE A-level specifications (an individual awarding body may also offer this priority service for other qualifications)

  • Review of moderation

This checks assessment criteria were applied fairly, reliably and consistently. This service is not available to an individual candidate


  • Copies of scripts to support reviews of marking
  • Copies of scripts to support teaching and learning