Exam Information

Exam Information

Please see the exam pages on FROG for more detailed information (students will need to log in to FROG)

Results Days

GCE results day – 16th August 2018

GCSE results day – 23rd August 2018

Public Exams

Exam board and syllabus information (links when available)

Y13 GCE course codes and exam dates

Y12 GCE course codes

Y11 GCSE course codes and exam dates

Y10 GCSE course codes and exam dates


Exam timetables are published by all the awarding bodies on their websites. You can download our latest timetables, here:

Summer 2018 GCE timetable

Summer 2018 GCSE timetable

JCQ Information for candidates documents:

JCQ Exam room posters:

AQA GCSE and GCE MFL speaking tests warning to candidates

Pre-Public exams

PPE timetables will be published on FROG for parents and students to view as and when they become available.