Governance, Policies and Finance

Governance, Policies and Finance

The Holt School’s Governing body exists to provide strategic leadership for the school in partnership with the Co-Headteachers and Senior Leadership Team and is responsible and accountable in law and practice for major decisions taken by school for its future. A further key role is to act as a “critical friend” in providing fair and constructive challenge to the Co-Headteachers and their team.

There are currently fifteen Governors: six parent Governors elected by parents of students at the school and four community Governors appointed by members of the Academy Trust, three staff representatives and the Co-Headteachers.

The Full Governing Body meets at least termly with its detailed work carried out by the Finance & Premises, Standards & Curriculum and Strategic Committees with a similar frequency. In addition, there is a small group who meet to consider Health & Safety matters. A scheme of delegation exists to ensure that decisions are made at an appropriate level and in a timely and efficient way.

At least one Governor is in attendance at parents’ evenings at school as well as at other key school events and will be available to speak with you. At any other time please direct any queries to me via the Clerk to the Governors (Carole Hodges), either via e-mail: or at the school address: Holt Lane, Wokingham, RG41 1EE.

Charlotte Selby (Chair of Governors)

Register of interests, related party transactions and attendance of meetings

Owing to the nature of schools operations and the composition of the board of governors being linked to local public and private sector organisations, it is inevitable that sometimes transactions will take place with organisations in which a member of the board of governors may have an interest.

The Holt School therefore maintains a register of governors business interests which is updated annually and is referred to at all meetings so that governors may withdraw if they have an interest in matters arising. For the years ended 31 August 2017 to 2018, no related party transactions have taken place.

The Academy also maintains a report of attendance of meetings by Govenors.

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