Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

There has definitely been a theme of celebration at The Holt this week. As we are now approaching a festive time of year, there are many events we can look forward to. Every family and group of friends have their own unique way to celebrate at special times throughout the year and at The Holt we are no different!

One of our traditions is the annual GCSE certificate celebration event. All of our current Year 12s had a chance to listen to memories of their time in the lower school and be presented with their GCSE certificates. It was the perfect opportunity to reminisce on their Holt experiences, recognise their achievements and reflect on how far they have come in just one term in the sixth form. Our guest speaker for the event was Sai who is an alumnus of The Holt and is currently working as a future trainee solicitor after graduating from her law degree from Warwick University. Sai was a great role model to our students to show them what they can achieve with hard work and dedication and how students can make the most of their sixth form experience inside and outside of the classroom. Thank you to everyone involved including Mrs Smith who organised the event as well as some delicious treats afterwards.

Another annual event which was delayed from September is the Macmillan coffee morning. Thank you to everyone in Year 7 and 8 who donated some delicious baked treats to enjoy. There was a huge selection to choose from, and I know it was very difficult to decide on what to buy! We are proud to have raised over £600 for the charity. Thank you to the technology team for organising the event.

On the theme of charity, in the last blog Mrs Martin mentioned many of the fantastic charity events being organised by the different houses. One of those was 7B’s disco. In total they raised over £200 for their house charity by selling reindeer themed hot chocolate packs and other delicious treats. Some top tunes included the Macarena, the Cha Cha slide but the resounding favorite was Baby Shark. Well done 7B, and to all of the other forms who are working hard to raise money for charity this term.

And finally it is the time of year where we congratulate our new student leadership team. The selection and interview process is always a challenging one, and we are proud of all the students that nominated themselves for the role. Introducing our new student leadership team; Georgia our head student, and the deputy head students Elena, Ruby, Kat and Sabah

We can’t wait to see what you achieve in your new roles.

I also want to thank our outgoing student leadership team for all the hard work they have put into their year on the team. They have adapted so well to making Holt events ‘go virtual’ and have been great ambassadors for the school. I also want to personally thank them on behalf of the sixth form team for how much they have provided support to us with all the different events that happen in the sixth form, you have done a great job. Thank you Daniela, Caitlin, Sophie, Megan and Jenna.

Emma Ward
Assistant Headteacher
Head of Sixth Form