Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

One of the best parts of working in a school is that each day brings a different experience, and we learn something new. This of course happens inside the classroom, but also in all of the events and activities that happen outside of it. The last week at The Holt has been no exception!

Firstly, we hosted a Year 5 and 6 primary netball tournament with schools in the local area. The event was a great success. The PE department were very grateful to the Year 10 sports council for their support in running and umpiring the event. As my office looks out onto the netball courts, I know how talented the students are at netball, and how invested they are in the games!

Mrs Martin and Mrs Dakovic also organised an insightful talk for all our students this week on the topic of gender and sexuality. Mrs Martin wrote

“We would like to say thank you to Jude who delivered a talk to all of our students last week about gender identity and sexuality. Jude used personal experiences to help students discover history, master terminology and develop language to communicate their relationship with gender and sexuality. This will help them understand the LGBTQ+ community, and this so important because everyone deserves to feel understood. The presentation was well received by our staff and students and many of the students have taken Jude’s messages on board. We are very hopeful that this will positively impact our own LGBTQ+ community”.

We also had an opportunity for our Year 8 students to understand more about careers in the technology sectors. Elizabeth from Tech Nation, Helen from Oracle and Sarra from The Small Robot Company all presented engaging sessions, which even involved playing bingo. These really allowed our students to gain a greater understanding of the technology industry, that a job in this sector goes beyond coding and that there is a vast array of opportunities available. Thank you to Mrs Hart for organising this event.

Our GCSE technology students have started to complete their research for their NEAs (non-examination assessment). The students have three different contexts to decide on for the location of their products. Two of these contexts are theme parks and the high street. Yesterday the students had an opportunity to go to their chosen context to decide on where their products would be used and how they would work in that environment. Some students visited Windsor and Slough, and another group went to Thorpe Park. Everyone enjoyed the trip and the technology students are now brimming with ideas and inspiration for their products.

And finally, in the Sixth Form we have had a few new additions… our Year 12 psychology students are currently studying attachment as part of their A-level course and to be able to experience the process of forming attachments they are all taking care of a ‘flour baby’. I must say that some of these flour babies are the best dressed ingredients I have ever seen! The students are experiencing all elements of the parent and child experience including keeping them warm, looked after and fed and even finding someone to care for them when they are unable to- I have definitely spoken to a few students who were only temporary babysitters… it has been a great experience for students to understand their subject in practice, and Year 12 were doing a brilliant job.

Reflecting on this week and all of the events that have come in the previous blogs, it really shows the range of activities, events and experiences that our available to our students. A huge thank you to our staff who inspire and organise these events throughout the year and to the students for getting involved with all that is on offer.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.

Emma Ward
Assistant Headteacher
Head of Sixth Form