Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

This week we have enjoyed a fabulous spell of “warm weather” with temperatures topping 30c on Monday. Personally, this feels like “hot” weather to me, rather than “warm”. However, I was watching a weather item on the news on Monday morning, where the meteorologist was explaining that the correct term for any hot weather after the 1st September is technically called “warm”. She went on to explain that any hot weather spells in December/January are technically called “mild”, not warm. Lastly, she defined an “Indian summer” as an unusual warm weather spell in October and November……..and not in September, as I had thought. Who knew……..? But as they say, every day is a school day. I think the weather is changing again now though, and so as promised at the start of term, we will be in touch on Friday with an update on winter uniform rules.

The warm weather has been very helpful for our break time zones on the field. Mrs Kennedy and I are very impressed with how well the students have got into the swing of their zones and the phased exits that we introduced last week.

Additionally, it has been lovely to see some outdoor learning in several curriculum areas. Dr Lewis and his science group looked very entertained, as they were running/jumping across the lawns and taking measurements of time and distance. Miss Edwards and Mrs Bennett also enjoyed a little outdoor theatre with their classes performing on the lawns. Below are some shots of a couple of their classes


As well as our site being updated with one-way arrows and Covid notices, we have also been lucky in that the site team have worked wonders over the holidays to make some major improvements to our current facilities. After some reconfiguration, they have created two new classrooms, a new drama hall and a fantastic new student support.  One of the new classrooms will be for modern languages, as that has been created by using the space of the old languages staff room and office. Their office has now moved to where the old student support used to be. The staff are very pleased with their new home!

Here is a picture of the new languages room. Not quite ready yet, so a bit of imagination needed still, but a great space!

Student support are now the proud occupiers of a lovely new, purpose built centre with a spacious central area and several break out rooms. This area was created from three quarters of what was the old drama hall. The other section of the drama hall has been converted into a new classroom. Again, a bit of imagination needed as it is not quite ready……….but not far off.

Below are pictures of the new student support.

Here is a picture of the new classroom behind Student Support

So, the last move is the drama hall! This is now situated where the old senior library use to be. A great space has been created for the drama department complete with black out walls!

The site changes look great and we can’t wait for the students to use them.

These changes could only happen thanks to the hard work of the site team and also the generous donation of around £40K from The Friends of The Holt. For those of you new to the school, The Friends of The Holt is a bit like a traditional PTA. They run numerous events and raise money, all of which goes back into the school for the benefit of your daughters and sons. As all schools do, we rely on the donations parents make by either attending or supporting these events in some way, or by making a standing order payment regularly each month. If you would like make a regular standing order or, alternatively, make a one off donation, or ad hoc donations by going through Wisepay, please see the link below to show you how you can do this.

Every penny counts, and as you can see from the site works above, that with everyone’s contributions together we can achieve some impressive results and make the donations go a very long way.

Have a lovely rest of week

Katie Pearce