Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Last Thursday, we opened our doors to prospective Year 12s to join our successful Sixth Form in 2020. It was lovely to see so many of our Year 11 students along with a large number of external students. The evening started in the hall by showing the new video that we shared with you in September. It was made by Harry Briggs, the son of one of our governors Darren. It really is excellent and captures the very essence of life in the 6th Form at the Holt. In case you missed it, here is the link to it once again.

After a short talk by our Co-Heads of Sixth Form, students, parents and guardians attended a carousel of 20 minute talks for each subject that interests them at A level. This was a new way of doing things for us. We felt this new way ensured that everyone heard the same information and more importantly, the answers to those Frequently Asked Questions. The overall verdict was that the new format was better, so all good. Our risk paid off! One thing that came back from many parents was how passionate our staff are about their subjects which is a very important consideration when contemplating A level studies.

There is more information about our Sixth Form on the website, including details of the Taster day, which is open to external students as well as Holt students as well as the presentation given by the Heads of Sixth Form.

Mrs Kennedy and I spent some break times last week meeting our latest “new” students in Year 12 who joined us in September as external students. They all reported how well they had settled and how impressed there were with the facilities and the teaching and learning at The Holt.

These are the brave three, who let us take their picture for the blog!

Thanks Ella, Tom and Raaghav

On Friday, the biology department held their annual Dissections week which as ever, drew a great crowd from students and teachers alike. There was a whole range of things to watch including the dissection of a starfish, a sheep brain, a rat and a frog!

Here are some of the less gruesome pictures!

Thanks to Mrs Whitehouse, Head of Biology and to the rest of the biology department for this moment of Awe and Wonder which really brought science to life!

In PE, there was more success to report……. Every Tuesday for the past two weeks, the cross country team (Years 7,8 & 9) have been competing against other schools in the Reading and District Cross Country League. The Year 7 girls run 2.1km and the Year 8/9 team run 2.4km. As it stands half way in the competition, the Year 7 team is 1st and the Year 8/9 team is 3rd!

Miss Cardy is very excited for the next two races to come, and hopefully we can keep our places. 

Cross country training has also been taking place since the start of term, with around 45 girls of all year groups attending at 8am. It has been wonderful to see so many girls eager to get fit!

In hockey last week, the U14 and U16 teams attended the Berkshire Schools Hockey Tournaments at Wellington College and Bradfield College. The girls were up against some of the most prestigious schools in Berkshire, and played incredibly well. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their day of hockey, and made huge improvements in both teams’ skill and tactics throughout the two days.

Congratulations girls and thanks Miss Cardy!

Lastly, a quick reminder if you haven’t done so already to download the Sims app to your device. Teachers are really getting into the swing of sending praise comments home to you via this channel and it is always great point of conversation for you with your daughter/son to talk about the good things they have been up to in school!

Katie Pearce