Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

Just a few days now to go to make it to the end of what must be one of the most challenging half terms anyone of us can remember! From my comfort zone as custodian of school finances and operations, I’ve had to get out of the office to become the custodian of something completely new and unforeseen a mere 8 months ago: a COVID19-safe environment that still enables us to deliver fantastic teaching and learning. Of course, the planning for this started many months ago, but we continue to tweak and review on an almost daily, certainly weekly basis. Our latest addition is our version of the red carpet…designed to get our students safely to and from their new break and lunchtime socialisation zones:

Ok, so it isn’t red, but if nothing else, it will certainly help in the quest to keep mud on the field and out of the classrooms!

From what I can see, everyone is finding this different way of doing things quite fun. We always need to cover all bases when we do introduce such changes to routine…. so this week we are all practicing speedy and safe evacuation from the marquees in the case of emergency. This has involved the site team in producing a short training video to teach the students how to untie the sides of the marquees for the quickest exit – a new skill to add to the growing number we are all adding to our repertoire as a result of the pandemic.

Still on the subject of marquees, we are looking forward to introducing our new concept of fundraising via our ‘Charity Tuesdays’ in the year-group marquees after half term. No pandemic is going to stop our students from their legendary fundraising activities: not even having to find workable alternatives to handling cash!

This is all work in progress and we thank you in advance for supporting your daughters and sons as we trial alternatives. As you will know from the Co-Headteachers’ letter, we are looking forward to our first non-school uniform day on Friday, to add a touch of celebration (and pink) before the break; for the first time we will be taking donations via Wisepay for our fundraising in aid of Breast Cancer Now.

As the Finance Director, I am often feel like I am either asking for money, or asking people not to spend it. So staying on that subject, I would send heartfelt thanks to all of you who, through the Friends of The Holt, continue to support the school with the extras that we would not be able to afford from our budgets. Our current project, to fundraise for more permanent outdoor shelters, has made a pretty good start so far since launch – please feel free to check out our Justgiving page:

All that remains now is to wish you, your family and friends a healthy and restful half term from all of us at The Holt. See you in November!

Sian Lehrter
School Business Director