Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

I am very grateful to Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Pearce for letting me take over the first Blog of the new school year.  I have asked for this opportunity as I want to express how proud the governing body is of the results our students achieved in their A Level and GCSE exams this summer.

  • At A Level, 71.6% of results achieved were A*-B, with a whacking great 45.4% of passes being A* or A. By any measure this is impressive.
  • At GCSE, 53.8% of results were Grades 7-9 (by way of comparison, the national average was 26%) with 95.5% of our pupils achieving 5 or more standard passes (including in English and maths).

The hard work and dedication of the whole school community has brought about these magnificent results.  Our students may have been the ones who sat the exams, but it is the school staff and their parents and carers who enabled their successes.  Well done to you too!

These results are all the more remarkable as they were achieved following years of Covid disruption.  Whilst the school staffing body has focused on catching-up any lost learning, no-one can deny that it will have made it harder for our students, all of whom were embarking upon the first “real” public exams.

The outcomes The Holt School achieves are incredible given that it is a non-selective, publicly funded, school.  You will be aware just how tight the finances of schools are at the moment.  As a result, to coin a phrase, ‘every little bit helps’.  So, if you can spare the time to help with any of our fundraising activities please do let us know by sending an email to  

Let’s hope this school year is a little less eventful than the last two.  Either way, through being kind, aiming high and working hard, I am confident that The Holt School community will continue to support our students to achieve to the very best of their abilities.

Fiona Cross

Chair of Governors